Do You Have The Flu All The Time? Maybe It’s Because Of Lack Of Sex

Do you have the flu all the time? Surely you think you need to eat more foods rich in vitamin C, rest or exercise more, but behind that runny nose that does not leave you alone could be, nothing more and nothing less, than the lack of sex!

Just as you read it. According to a study conducted by psychologists Carl Charnetski and Francis Brennan of the University of Wilkes, Pennsylvania , sex strengthens the immune system , to prevent us from being easy prey for diseases, including influenza.

Therefore, the lack of sexual activity can lower our defenses and raise the risk of getting sick from the flu , among other evils.

Having sex at least twice a week increases the production of white blood cells that are responsible for promoting the proper functioning of the immune system , this without omitting that raises our immunoglobulin levels , which serves as a protective shield against respiratory diseases.

But not there for the thing, because the lack of sex has other effects that you should have on the radar …

– Insomnia , due to the lack of oxytocin or serotonin that are released during orgasm.

– Increases anxiety, because sex helps to relieve the accumulated tension and relax , according to a study published in Science Direct.

– Bad mood. According to a study, carried out by sexologist Norbert Livinoff, lack of sex makes us irritable and puts us in a bad mood.

– Low self-esteem . The absence of sexual activity can affect our self-esteem by not feeling loved or desired .

– Problems in the relationship . The lack of intimacy can take us away from our partner and create tension in the relationship , as stated by psychologists at the  University of Gottinga, Germany.

You know, if you have the flu all the time , it would not be bad for you to evaluate and see if you need more action under the covers. The lack of sex can affect you physically and mentally, do not throw it in a broken jacket and enjoy your sexuality, it is worth it.

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