Physical Activity Reduces Chronic Pain

Your back aches … it sucks you in the joints … and your whole body hurts.

When you suffer from chronic pain, it seems to you that  you  will never again enjoy your daily activities. You think that pain will always accompany you.

Regardless of whether it is arthritis, fibromyalgia or other chronic inflammation, you NEED a measure that has a long-lasting and safe effect.

Prescription drugs can not handle it. Given the side effects and the possibility of addiction, you should not reach too often. It’s best that you do not use them at all.

Physical activity an alternative to drugs

However, according to the new study, the key to regaining joy in everyday activities – without any drugs – can be MORE active!

In the study – published in the journal with the much-called name:  Pain (Pain)  – it was found that adult older people who regularly exercised felt  less  pain than sedentary people.

The study included 51 adults from 60 to 77 years of age. Each one carried a device monitoring the level of their activity for a week.

They participated in two tests on “pain signal modulation”. This is an elaborate term for the way your nervous system interprets pain signals.

The first test measured the amount of pain experienced by each person with repetitive contact with the painful stimulus

In the second test, the researchers assessed to what extent the new pain reduced the sensation of previous pain.

The researchers found that the greater the physical activity of the participants on the moderate to the intense level, the LOWER result of the pain assessment they obtained in both studies.

This means that active people actually experienced less pain during the same tests than sedentary people. Even in the case of contact with the same pain-causing stimuli!

How is this possible?!

Physical activity reduces pain sensations

You see, pain is not an objective sensation … because some people feel pain at the lower threshold than others.

These are also people who are most likely to have problems in the form of chronic pain.

However, as shown in this study, physical activity is a way to make a real CHANGING the pain threshold.

So, to reduce chronic pain, you have to move!

I know it’s hard to imagine any movement when everything hurts so much that you just want to lie in bed. However, it is worth paying attention to the results of these tests.

You do not have to train for a marathon – there are many ways to put physical activity into your life in a gentle way.

The simplest way is to spend more time working in the garden, going to the pool or overcoming more stairs .

Physical activity will also bring you many other benefits – from disease prevention to better mood.

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