Pure Herbal Immunity Blend

Pure Herbal Immunity Blend Reviews – At this moment you need to do everything possible to keep your immune system healthy and strong. Since we all know that the world is in the grip of a deadly viral infection, you need to take precautions and start becoming socially responsible for protecting yourself, your family, and your community. For this purpose your defense should be strong and the walls of immunity must be so strong, so that it can protect your body from any external attacks. All over the world health professionals have been urging people to wash their hands regularly and keep their homes clean to protect themselves from this viral infection.

At this moment many household things and essential cleaning supplies like Hand Sanitizers have been stocked up. But having so many different products is inconvenient – one for cleaning floor, one for cleaning surface, one for the kitchen and for washing hands. How would it be if you have all these in single bottle.

Here is natural solution available to all these problems named as Pure Herbal Immunity Blend, especially prepared to protect you from this deadly viruses and all kind of viral infection.

What Is Pure Herbal Immunity Blend?

Pure Herbal Immunity Blend is a mixture of various essential oils and other natural extracts. All of these work together to stabilize your immune system and to ensure the safety of your family. Using Pure Herbal Immunity formula is the best and easiest way to protect yourself and home from all kind of viral infection.

By taking this formula you will get the following benefits:

  • Boost Your Immune System.
  • Defend The Body Against Viral Infection.
  • Keep Your Environment Clean.
  • Cleanses And Disinfects Surfaces.
  • Revitalizes The Air.

How To Use Pure Herbal Immunity Blend?

Following are three unique ways recommended by the manufacturer by you can use this product:


Diffusion is the most effective way to use this product. For this purpose mix 10-12 drops of immunity oil in 100 ml water and spray with a spray bottle. This will improve the quality of air revitalizes it. It is the safest method to protect your family from external attacks.

Topical Application

According to manufacturer, you can also apply the oil on skin. In this way oil is absorbed directly into the bloodstream, giving you all the benefits of immunity. Mix the oil in any other carrier oil like Coconut Oil for safe topical application. But if you want to take warm bath then mix it in your favorite lotion and get soothing effect.


As you can use Pure Herbal Immunity Blend by diffusion and topical but you can also use it as a disinfectant on all surfaces and areas. It will kill all the germs and the viral microorganisms. Add few drops of Pure Herbal Immunity Blend in spray bottle, shake it gently and clean all the surfaces.

How Does Pure Herbal Immunity Blend Work?

It is the ultimate protection against viruses for you, your family and your home. It is a mixture of oils that will protect you from viral infections, diseases and attacks. This mixture of pure essential oils sterilizes the surfaces cleans them thoroughly. As we said earlier it is a mixture of 9 different oils, and each of these oils has the power to boost immunity. Pure Herbal Immunity Blend works like this:

  • It Boosts Your Immune System.
  • Sanitizes Surfaces In Your Kitchen.
  • Purify The Air Around You, So That You Can Breath Easily.
  • Protect You From Viral Infection.
  • It Creates A Healthy Ecosystem In Your Home.


Pure Herbal Immunity Blend is powerful blend of essential oils, which are extracted from natural ingredients with the exception of enhancing immunity. All these essential oils work to uplift your immune system. Here is a list of these:

Lemon – Lemon essential oil is known for its aroma. In addition to increasing immunity, this essential oil is also used as a pesticide and also used for skin, foot care etc.

Oregano – Oregano is herb from the mint which is used for daily life purposes, especially to add flavor to dishes. It is rich source of antioxidants, which helps prevent cell damage from viral infection.

Cinnamon Leaf – Cinnamon is another source for preventing viral infections because it is a powerful antiseptic, and can be used effectively to reduce cough and colds.

Clove Bud – This oil is extracted from dried cloves which are rich source of antioxidants. It has been used in East Asia due to its anti-fungal, microbial and anti-septic properties. It increases white blood cells (WBCs) which increase your immunity.

Eucalyptus – This essential oil is known for its amazing benefits for respiratory applications including helping to ease congestion, flu, fever and bronchitis. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that’s why used for massage.

Other Ingredients – In addition to these ingredients it contains Peppermint, Lime, Spearmint and Rosemary.

How To Buy Pure Herbal Immunity Blend?

The simplest and easiest way to buy Pure Herbal Immunity Blend is to place your order online because in this situation you can’t go out of house. Therefore, click the below image and place your order today.

Customer Reviews

Alex Gilray SaysDon’t go to its size, it’s just a miracle – full of incredible benefits. This multi-action formula is amazing. It works effectively, my wife puts on her baby’s body to make her immune system strong. I recommend it to anyone who is often ill.

Alexander Patrick Says – I was sick almost every 2nd week of a month. It also disrupts my office routine. My illness also brought illness to my family. I was worried and helpless. One day I found this immunity-rich oil that works in many ways for people. I just ordered it. Now I am comfortable in the office with a great job.

Amelie Jacoby SaysMy daughter’s immune system was very weak. I consulted with a lot of doctors, but in the end I got some improvement. Once my uncle advised me to try this natural remedy, I bought it and started applying it on her body, and even split it in the air. It worked great, I’m really happy with it!

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