Unequivocal Signs That You Will Be The Mother Of A Boy

They say that becoming a mother is the most beautiful thing that can happen to a woman , and without a doubt, within all the changes that you experience during pregnancy , when you still do not know the sex of the baby the cravings can take hold of you and more if The ultrasound still does not reveal what you already want to know. Therefore, we tell you some unequivocal signs that you will be the mother of a boy , choose your baby’s name for sure!

The pregnancy may be the expected overwhelming both the most and beautiful and comforting . And you won’t let me lie, from the first moment we found out that we are pregnant we already want to know the sex of the baby , we imagine who it will look like and thousands of name options invade our heads, it is an inexplicable emotion and happiness ! However, it is until the 20th week of pregnancy that the baby’s genitals can already be distinguished because they are fully formed.

There are some popular theories that have passed from generation to generation and some may not be fulfilled because they are not supported by scientific studies, but if you are within the first weeks of pregnancy, pay close attention to these signs in which your grandmother would indicate that You will be the mother of a boy.

Hair. If they tell you lately: “what beautiful hair you have!” And you also notice it brighter and with volume , be prepared because in a few months you will be the mother of a beautiful child.

Changes in your mane happen because placental hormones cause an increase in sebaceous secretion of the scalp and the changes will be reflected according to your hair type.

You look great. Grannies say that girls steal the beauty of future moms. Therefore, there is a belief that if you look amazing during pregnancy, it is because you will be the mother of a child and that is why you have a spectacular shine on your face (in addition to happiness).

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It is said that when you are waiting for a girl, the body releases more hormonal load, which affects the mother’s skin and generates pimples and imperfections. Hence the phrase “pregnancy suits you very well, it shows that it will be a child.”

Morning sickness? If you are one of the lucky ones who do not feel nauseous in the morning, everything indicates that a child is growing in your belly. Although this does not exempt you from them, you will have them, but not in the morning!

Your belly points down. Yes, this may be the first thing grandmothers look at, and we adore it! If your belly is low, it will be a boy and if it is tall, it is a baby. The same goes for how round it is, some say that round bellies is a sign that it will be a girl. While those that are more pointed, indicate that he is a child. Although scientifically the shape of the belly depends on the body structure of the mother (it had to be said and said).

You love sleeping on the left side. If you feel more comfortable sleeping on the left side, it is likely that a child will soon reach your arms.

Although the truth, a pregnant woman is recommended to sleep on the left side because the vena cava is located on the right , which is the largest vein in the body through which an important blood flow circulates . When lying on the left side we avoid the pressure of the body on this vein and favor the blood supply to the placenta , in this way we provide the greatest amount of oxygen and nutrients to the baby.

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Your partner also gains weight. No, that you also gain weight is no accident and in fact there is a study that supports it. The father can gain up to 6.35 kilos of weight during the pregnancy of his partner and it seems that this is due to mere empathy; Some men eat more so that their partner does not feel bad about gaining weight during pregnancy.

Your weight gain is more noticeable in the hip and in your buttocks. If you notice that your hips are widening everything indicates that the culprit is your future child.

You have one breast bigger than another. Grannies say that if your right breast is larger than your left breast while you’re pregnant, you’ll have a girl! And if it is the other way around it will be a child, have you noticed which one looks bigger?

You crave salty food. If you crave pizza, cheese and protein-rich food it will be a boy, but if you crave more citrus or sweet food then it will be a girl.

You have dry skin. If for more creams and moisturizers you use your skin looks dull and dry then you will be the mother of a child.

Look at the heartbeat during the ultrasound. If your baby’s heart beats at more than 150 times per minute it is a girl, if it beats at less than 150 then it will be a boy.

The pendulum test. I am sure that not even your mother was saved from this test when she was pregnant with you and is never missing from a Baby Shower.

To do this test use a gold or silver chain with some heavy pendant or pendant, release it in the palm of your hand. If he swings back and forth you expect a boy, but if he does it in circles, it’s a girl!

As you will see, although there is no scientific basis to ensure that it disproves these myths, the truth is that they have passed from generation to generation and serves as entertainment while waiting for the arrival of your baby.

We recommend that as soon as you find out that you are pregnant you go to an obstetrician to follow up on your pregnancy and reduce the chances of suffering any complications due to the lack of medical check-ups, take care and take care of your baby’s health from before birth!

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